high five for friday.

i have been waiting ALL WEEK for this day. but really, i feel like i'm always really glad it's friday and i guess that's what happens when you work a (semi) normal job that doesn't require you to work every friday and saturday night. or any friday or saturday night. high fives for that.

ONE. the search for new glasses has been kind of exhausting in that i thought i would never find a pair i liked that looked good on my face that also fit my head and then i ended up finding two pairs that i just cannot decide between.

TWO. ELLIE BREAKS INTO THE TOP 10 ON THE OVERALL ITUNES CHART. AND THEN SHE HITS NUMBER EIGHT. AND THEN SHE STAYS THERE FOR AN ENTIRE DAY. (also, she has been and still is number one on the christian & gospel chart.) but really, the highest of fives and all the caps for this one. this record has taken on a life of its own and it's so neat to watch and so awesome to be a part of.

(as of me writing this on thursday night, she's no longer in the top 10, but she's not far out. number twelve.)

THREE. the fray's new album helios which comes out on tuesday is currently streaming for free on itunes. i didn't really think about it, i just started listening and then i couldn't stop. but more on that later.

(itunes has allllll my attention this week.)

FOUR. can you believe this little man is seven months old? this is obviously not my photo, as i have not seen him in a month and a half, but how could i not post it? i could die, he is just the cutest.

FIVE. no screen caps of the warning like last time (because i didn't actually get one?) but i survived the tornado warnings from last night.

i'm still relatively new here so i still consider it a success whenever i hear that tornado siren in the distance and don't pee my pants. also i'm pretty sure i've never seen lightning turn the sky purple like that before.

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