tv talk | thoughts on four new fall shows.

i don’t even know what all my options are as far as new tv goes, nor do i care. i just randomly fell into the hole of “what’s new on hulu?” one weekend and binge-watched the ones i thought looked semi-interesting. after about a month, here are my thoughts. (in no particular order.) (actually, looking back over it, it goes from worst to best. unintentionally.)

forever the one about the guy who dies but then comes back to life, naked and in a body of water. it reminds me a lot of sherlock, in that this guy knows things about people based on the smallest detail no real human being would ever notice. he has an accent, which is always a plus, but he dies at least once in every episode (based on three i’ve seen) and it sort of feels like OKAY, WE GET IT. he comes back to life, and he’s the only one this happens to. except for the creepy guy who keeps calling him on the phone claiming he’s the same, only he’s been around a lot longer.

thoughts: i gave up on this one. it’s probably best binge-watched on netflix, after all the episodes have aired.

selfie the one about the girl who is your stereotypical ex-nerd-turned-beauty, “like”-seeking, selfie-taking, internet-loving (and referencing in everyday conversation), twitter famous, instagram addict who suffers an unfortunate mishap in front of her co-workers that goes viral and causes her to reevaluate her priorities and strive to become like ...the rest of us measly little peasants. starring amy pond (doctor who) and that guy from flashforward (the tv show i’m pretty sure i’m the only person who watched).

thoughts: i’ve only watched the pilot so far. i keep not choosing this show over gilmore girls.

a to z the one about the comprehensive story of the relationship between andrew and zelda (the guy from the perfect man, or drop dead diva but i never watched that, and the mom from how i met your mother). get it? a-to-z? it’s like 500 days of summer in tv show form. you know exactly how long their relationship lasts before it’s over, and are reminded of it each episode during the opening credits, but knowing they don’t end up together doesn’t stop you from loving them together.

thoughts: the fact that rashida jones works on this tv show and that i’ve always found that guy to be super adorable are the only reasons i keep watching from week to week.

manhattan love story the one about the guy and girl living in new york city, whose thoughts are narrated (by them) throughout the show, who don’t seem like a great match but are actually pretty great together. i almost didn’t watch this show, because i thought that girl may never not be the teenager in love with steve carrell in crazy, stupid love, but after watching the first two episodes, i’m hooked.

thoughts: if i could only pick one new tv show to watch, this would be it. every episode has me laughing out loud. (also the opening bit in episode three is the most accurate.)