a group of girls.

it occurred to me a few days ago that i would eventually have to post about something other than my nephew. because, i don't live near him and don't have access to his sweet little face to be posting about it all the time. (although, i so wish i did.) and also, life. except mine has been particularly uneventful, thanks to my obnoxious workeveryday schedule. when i'm not working, i'm sleeping. if not sleeping, then exhausted. the life of a young professional, you know?

okay, but i do have something. my dad always wants to know two specific things when we talk, even if i tell him there's nothing new to report. one) do i have a boyfriend yet? (ha! that's not blog material.) two) has anyone famous been in to the restaurant? yes! let's talk about that.

so here is what happened.

on thursday night, "a group of girls" came in for dinner. they all arrived separately and each of them said the same thing upon arrival: "i'm meeting a group of girls here." which doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, until i tell you that the "group of girls" was: cheryl crow, nicole kidman, kimberly williams paisley, connie britton (!!), and two others who i didn't recognize.

i don't know, there's just something funny about the way they referred to themselves as a group of girls instead of just saying the name on the reservation like regular people. it's like they were being intentional about not name dropping or drawing attention to their fame while at the same time relying on me knowing who they are and who they're with, without having to say it.

(although, to be fair, even regular people don't always grasp the idea of giving the name on the reservation. more often than not, they stop after "we have a reservation." except they're not famous, so i actually have to ask for it.)

one of the servers mentioned the last time this group was in, keith urban came to pick up his wife at the end of their dinner and i was crossing my fingers that would happen again, but i had no such luck. i ended up leaving before they did, so i would've missed it anyway. (i'll always have that time i saw him like eight feet away on the sidewalk!)

it was all pretty uneventful and i even forgot they were there, but in case you're wondering:

cheryl crow looks the most average of them all. maybe i'm just not a big enough fan, but if i saw her in a crowd of people, i wouldn't immediately recognize her.

i missed it when kim paisley came in, so i only saw her briefly at the table, but she's been in with brad before. those two are such beautiful people. for real.

nicole kidman is tall and thin and kind of fragile looking. she almost ran into me as i was showing her to the table (i think she was expecting me to walk in a different direction, it was awkward) and i was afraid i might knock her over.

connie britton was who i was most excited about, but i was totally not star struck at all because, tami taylor! i feel like i know her. except that she's not actually tami taylor in real life, which is a really difficult thing for me to wrap my brain around because i just feel like friday night lights was real life.