luca love : this is basically a photo album.

i took a ridiculous amount of photos over the weekend. i think i was just trying to capture the sweetness of my new nephew. but that's impossible, obviously, and i just ended up with about a million essentially identical photos. and of course i can't delete any of them.

he's just so cute though!

but i did manage to sift through and pick out some of my favorites. and by some, i mean forty one.

// happy birthday, luca.

 // it just so happened that T needed someone to take him for a second and i was right there, with freshly sanitized hands, so i got to hold him first, technically. although, as long as it took to take these four photos is about as long as i got to hold him that first time. but still!

 // nana got the first real cuddles.

// my dad would do this thing where he'd go over to my mom and announce that it was his turn, and she'd look back at him and let him know the reason she wasn't done with her turn yet.

// my dad is the cutest, and also always thinks luca is too cold. "where's his hat?" "i can feel the air blowing on him, we should turn it down."