help, thanks, wow : anne lamott.

when i read traveling mercies, the thing that jumped out at me the most was her one word prayers. i love that idea, that you only need one word. because sometimes it's all you have, sometimes you're too exhausted or speechless for more than a single word. but it's enough. he already knows the rest.

this book is all about these three words, the essentials, but it goes a little deeper into what they mean and how they may be paired with big things or little things in life, but they still count.

there were certain parts that i just loved, that i wanted to highlight and read over again. (and i probably will.) but i especially loved the part about "wow." i guess asking for help and being thankful feel more straightforward to me? but wow is more incredible, and i love the way she describes it too.

from the "wow" chapter, page 43:

when sam was six or so, he explained to me why we call god "god": "because when you see something so great, you just go, 'god!' "