21 things to do on an airplane from hartford to nashville.

1. chew gum. swallow your spit. plug your ears. close your eyes. remember that it is very unlikely that your ears will actually explode.

2. look out the window. take lots of cloud pictures.

3. daydream about what your life would be like as a flight attendant. think about how, if you were a flight attendant, you'd probably talk as fast as they do.

4. order a dr. pepper. spend the entire flight time taking small sips until it's gone.

5. look at the sky mall magazine. wonder about the kinds of people who actually order products from the sky mall magazine.

6. look at the "spirit" magazine. wonder how long southwest has had its own magazine.

7. see where "bags fly free" (and you fly not free) on southwest airplanes. notice that albuquerque is an option. listen to "48 to go" by the fray.

8. land in baltimore. stay on the plane.

9. change seats and move up.

10. listen to your dad list all the reasons why he liked the other seat in the back of the plane better.

11. turn your phone off airplane mode and check twitter and instagram.

12. get up to go pee. sit back down because someone is in there and more passengers are about to board the plane.

13. chew more gum.

14. take more cloud pictures. realize that you cannot capture the beauty. think about how amazing God is because He made that.

15. order another dr. pepper. get really excited about it. drink it in five minutes this time.

16. take notes when the flight attendant tells you how to tell if there is someone in the bathroom.

17. don't actually go to the bathroom while on the airplane.

18. listen to the fray again. the whole album this time.

19. read the (best?) chapter of don miller's blue like jazz, where penny talks about how the bible is a chocolate thing and how she wants to be the good soil.

20. make a mental note to check to see if blue like jazz (the movie) is still playing in a theater in nashville.

21. listen to the flight attendant say "welcome to nashville" after you've landed and think about how much that feels like "welcome home."