the vacation that wasn't supposed to be a vacation.

technically, i am still on vacation, but i'm talking about nashville. i was supposed to move last week, remember? which means i should currently be a nashville resident. however, i am not. and also not dwelling on it. at least, i'm trying not to.

moving on. as i mentioned yesterday, my vacation photos are limited to those that i took with my phone, most of which i uploaded to instagram (@sarahhsquires). so here is a summary of the week, as seen by my instagram followers:

1. i flew to nashville. (monday.)

2. i am obsessed with cloud photos. (still monday.)

3. i saw blue like jazz. (tuesday.) (technically, that picture was not taken during the week, but i'm still using it.)

4. i ate dinner at burger up. (wednesday.)

5. i ate lunch at the loveless cafe. (thursday.)

6. the loveless cafe has THE tastiest biscuits. (still thursday.)

7. i spent the day in franklin. (friday.)

8. i ate sweet cece's in franklin. (still friday.)

9. i ate delicious mini doughnuts at an airport restaurant, which was the only thing that made me feel better about the fact that i was leaving nash. (sunday.)

other comments on my vacation which are not accompanied by photos, but may (or may not) provide more details about my week:

1. i wish it wasn't a vacation.

2. already mentioned, but BLUE LIKE JAZZ. yes. amazing.

3. lots of walking up and down broadway.

4. i have absolutely no memory of what we did on wednesday, other than dinner at burger up.

5. we saw the avengers on thursday. i would classify it as "one of those boy movies that i wouldn't mind watching three or twelve more times." thanks to the awesomeness of rdj and chris evans. (obviously, my parents and i like to travel to far away states to go to the movies. it's fine.)

6. we spent the day in franklin on friday with some of my parents' friends (whose daughter was in the wedding) who also live in ct, but we never see them, you know, when we're all in ct.

7. the wedding, of course, was on saturday.

8. it rained a lot on sunday and i told my parents that i'm pretty sure nashville was crying because i was leaving.

trust me, the feeling was mutual.