while i was out.

hello hello! i am typing to you from my brand new macbook, courtesy of my very generous bosses.

it is essentially the exact same as my old macbook, except newer and faster and oh. so. smooth. and without the dents in the top. i'm pretty sure i sat with the box in my lap, hugging it, for the first thirty minutes or so that i had it in my possession. my intern molly kept asking if i was going to open it and turn it on, but i felt like i just needed a minute (or thirty). you know? it's a rare and beautiful thing to get a new macbook and i just needed to savor it.

so, shout out to my employers, who knew that my slowly (oh-so-slowwwwly) dying computer would need to be replaced sooner or later if they wanted me to keep using it for work. they picked sooner, i guess, because tax write offs and whatnot.

before all of that excitement and hard-drive switching, the iphoto on my old computer had some sort of melt down (maybe due it its inability to handle the cute baby photo overload?) and all of my photos were erased. thankfully, i have been fearful of that moment ever since digital photography was a thing, so everything was backed up and i lost nothing. but it set me back in regards to uploading photos for the blog.

that, and i didn't feel like dealing with the plethora of thanksgiving photos i had to sift through.

also, gilmore girls. let's be honest. all of the things not done recently has been due to my gilmore girls re-watch. (i have no regrets.) in my defense though, if i don't make it through the full seven seasons before january, all of the friends episodes that will be newly available on netflix will just be sitting there, unwatched, until i finish up with the gilmore girls.

but i mostly came here to tell you about what i've been up to while i haven't been blogging, or watching gilmore girls. because i have been doing things, you know, and i wrote about them but i back-dated them so it looks like i've been here all along but i really haven't.

i think it's important for you to know i have been typing this entire post while sitting on the edge of the couch, like i just can't wait to tell you about it.

here's what you missed:

+ we had an office secret santa gift exchange and christmas party all in one day! here is what i wore, and i want you to be impressed that i went with the dress (the only festive item of clothing i own) even though the waistband on the leggings i wore with it was tight and not the most comfortable AND ALSO that i chose to stay up and paint my nails red at midnight the night before because, well, priorities.

+ i saw jon mclaughlin and andy davis play christmas music.

+ i volunteered with my friend christyn at help portrait.

+ that same weekend, i dog sat for my coworker john, whose dogs are awesome and also crazy. and if one of them was sitting with me on the couch, the other one had to be sitting with me on the couch. but when i point it out, they both give me this same look:

+ my friend tab and i hung out and wore festive socks while not watching the movie the holiday, because it turns out i left that movie in charlotte when i brought it there ...last year.

+ some work people went to john's house to watch home alone 2 and drink hot chocolate. photo credit goes to djguacamolly.

and also there were antlers. but we only wore them for like, three minutes as we were leaving and taking this photo.

+ i went shopping with christyn in franklin to see if there were any neat christmas presents that jumped out at me (there weren't, because isn't that always what happens when you're actually needing to buy things?) and we stumbled upon the 'dickens of a christmas' (charles dickens festival), in which people were dressed up and there was a little boy playing the violin. the whole thing was basically like straight out of an episode of gilmore girls.

+ my roommates and i took our christmas card photo (KITTIES INCLUDED), but you'll just have to wait to see that one. (and also send me your address if you want one?)


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