my life as a bottle of ketchup.

you can file this under: my job is better than your job.

okay, but i have been waiting moooonths for this premiere (which happened yesterday, on the wall street journal | speakeasy website).

this day was the most fun.

first of all, it started a couple weeks before, with drew sending us an email including a video he took of himself, doing this dance that he choreographed himself, and an invitation to learn the dance and show up expecting to perform it as a group, with costumes.

yes and yes and yes.

it was a very serious thing, this dance. and by that i mean drew instructed those who felt like they knew it well to be towards the front, and those who weren't so sure about it to be towards the back.

so naturally, i was in the back row.

except the thing nobody really considered when we picked our spots is that when you're doing a dance that involves changing direction, even if you start in the back row, at some point, you eventually end up in the front row.

i dressed up as a bottle of ketchup, and there are a few times where you can see me dancing in the "front" row, and i am concentrating really hard.

but it was such a blast, dancing and laughing and making memories with these people.

top three favorite parts of this video:

1. the degree to which nate gets into character with each costume he wears in the first part of the video.
2. ellie's face as she dances.
3. the fact that ben chose to dance with his arms inside his costume because "tomatoes don't have arms."

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