weekend things.

so i went to the mall over the weekend. twice. i went to the mall twice in two days, and i can't even remember the last time i was in a mall. (because why go to the mall when target has everything?) it was so christmasy, you guys. i'm talking enormous ornaments hanging from the ceiling and those pop-up calendar stores and that guy who stands in the middle of the aisle flying a remote control helicopter. i also saw a sign advertising that santa was there too, but fortunately i didn't run into him during either trip. (santa creeeps me out.)

i didn't actually buy anything. well. i bought a couple tank tops the first day. you know, the long kind that are a rare find and therefore necessary to purchase whenever you happen upon them. long tank tops? BUY THEM IN ALL THE COLORS. that doesn't count though. tank tops are no fun. it wasn't until we (my roommate and i) were walking out that i remembered i actually need a new dress. need, want, whatever. i could've been shopping for something fun!

and so, the next day we found ourselves back at the mall. only this time it was rainy (which means i was cranky, naturally) and i found nothing of interest and the only thing i bought was a cup of sweet, sweet cece's on the way home. because sometimes you just need to stop everything and eat frozen yogurt with your roommate, while you very seriously discuss your tv watching habits and which shows currently have your attention.

(crystal: scandal, me: the west wing.)

mine is the one on the right, obviously. chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, which crystal claims tastes like paint. i'll admit mine doesn't photograph as nicely as hers does, but


? at least add some oreos in there or something.

later, the rain turned into an actual storm (tornado watches and everything!) and i sat at home and listened to it while i sipped hot chocolate and remembered the days when i always drank hot chocolate and never coffee. (remember that? past sarah was so cute.) i also ended up watching an episode of scandal with crystal, which is really unfortunate because now i think i'm going to have to watch them all.

this weekend made me so happy. maybe because i did things that weren't grocery shopping or cleaning or bill paying. maybe because i got to hang out with my roommate, who i live with but feel like i haven't seen in weeks. or maybe because christmasy mall shopping reminds me that the holidays are coming and that means (whole) family time is coming, too.

but also, christmas music. i've officially decided that now is an appropriate time to break that out. (before thanksgiving,


!) but i've had this

new dave barnes christmas album

on my hands for a couple months and i just can't wait any longer. plus, i've already heard bits and pieces of christmas music in stores at the mall and why deny yourself that kind of happy? you might as well choose vanilla froyo, sans oreo bits, while you're at it.


p.s. shout out to my mom because it's her BIRTHDAY today. and because she's the one who taught me how to eat chocolate. ;)

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