high five for friday.

i thought this week would draaag, because it's the last week before thanksgiving (and almost five whole days in charlotte!) but it was busybusy and here we are. friday. let's high five about it, because after today? only two more work days until the next #bestweekever.

1. comfiest. flannel. (and let's all take a moment to be impressed that it's GREEN and not black.)

2. watching this boy roll over via facetime made my whole day.

3. from the day we took our roommate christmas card photo. (my roommates are THE best.) (including kitty.)

4. free birthday pastry from panera! red velvet cupcake.

5. last night was the blood:water mission red tie gala, which i got to go to because drew holcomb and the neighbors played as the musical guest.

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