twenty thirteen.

they say age is just a number, right? i think the same goes for years.

i'm not feeling the magic of the new year this time around. i think i'm just feeling a little burnt out. maybe that's pessimistic, but twenty twelve was a big|huge|adventurous|challenging year. and if i've learned anything, it's that you can make lists upon lists of ideas and goals and dreams, but sometimes planning too much isn't any good either. life doesn't happen as neatly as crossing items off a to-do list, no matter how good your intentions are. things are bound to get messy, as things did for me last year.

i mean, i feel like i started out with this idea that my life was like a puzzle, which i could put together by taking out one piece at a time and neatly placing it where it was meant to be. but by the end of the year, i ended up with what any puzzle-maker starts out with. a messy pile of pieces. and, my puzzle is going to be awesome. i know it because the pieces i can already see are awesome. but i'm not quite sure how they all fit together. i guess that's why i'm feeling so overwhelmed. i want to see them put together.

this year though, i have no lists. i don't want to try to put the pieces together. that's not my job. my job is to make sure i keep the pieces that fit into the puzzle and quit the pieces that don't fit into the puzzle.

so i guess that's what my resolution is this year. i want to quit the clutter that doesn't fit.

also, capital letters. (again.)
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