life things + augustana.

okay, first of all, i apparently have more readers than i thought. and by that i just mean i have to count on two hands instead of just the one. second, i don't know what you guys think i do to warrant any photos, but let me assure you, my life is not that exciting. in fact, i spend most days going from one job to the next. any free time i have is spent breathing and thinking about what to eat next. and it's not just because i am food obsessed, it's mostly because being in charge of feeding myself three meals a day is no small task, considering my cooking skills are limited to things that go along with boiled water. (hello, pasta!)

i guess i could consider this motivation to try new things so i will have something to report back. there may even be photos! in the mean time, i did go to a show last friday night after i got out of work. (seriously, how great is it that i live in a city where i can catch a show after work and not have to set aside a whole day + gas money for it?) i saw augustana, who i have loved from the first day i heard them. here is the one photo i have from the show, which i also posted on instagram:

basically, i've been here for six months and i could probably count on one hand (maybe two) the number of shows i've gone to. sometimes it's because of work. sometimes it's because of money. sometimes it's because i don't know a lot of people here and going alone takes a certain kind of energy/courage that i don't always have. but on friday, i decided enough is enough because i needed to see this show. and so i did, and it was amazing. it was kind of one of those moments (or an hour and a half long moment) where i take a deep breath and think, yes. this. this is what i came here for. this is why i love music so much.

the show was incredible and inspiring and very much needed. because, i've been here for six months, and there are days that just don't feel like magic. i work three jobs and there's little time or money for anything else. it's so easy to just get stuck in a routine, doing what i need to do, and all of a sudden wind up thinking, wait. what? sometimes i just need to take a minute to remember.

friday night was like that. friday night felt like magic.