twenty five twenty five twenty five.

a few months ago, twenty five felt really daunting, and slightly terrifying. like, what am i doing? how am i old enough to vividly remember things that happened

twenty years ago

? but as unbelievable and foreign as it feels, i don't want to be that person who cringes every time they consider their age. it feels like such a waste to feel uncomfortable or discontent with something so real and unchanging. i think happiness is a choice, and sometimes getting there means changing your attitude about the circumstances that are unchanging.

i was determined to not be so afraid of twenty five by the time i got there. i wanted to own it, and celebrate it.

so i talked about it, and got comfortable with the way it felt and the words coming out of my mouth. i talked about what it meant and what i've done with the first half of my twenties and the things i hope to accomplish in the second half. i started telling people who asked that i was twenty five. i told my mom i wanted cupcakes in the shape of "25."

i said it out loud, over and over.

and then, i turned twenty five.

+ a few weekends before, i celebrated with my family in


. there were manicures and pedicures and dance parties with my nephew and red velvet cupcakes, holding 25 candles, in the shape of "25" and the things they love about me and 25 presents in the shape of "25" and a late-night, last-minute show.

+ the saturday before, i celebrated with a friend and dinner and a movie and sweet cece's.

+ the day before, one of my interns went to the office at 8:30am and blew up balloons and made me a card and then, in the afternoon, made cookies in the toaster oven to celebrate.

+ the day of, i celebrated with my roommate and a delicious pizza and a free birthday cannoli.

+ the day of, after lunch, my bosses brought in jake's bakes (i've told you about jake's bakes, right? they deliver freshly baked,

still warm

 cookies and milk) with candles (evidence above) and sang "happy birthday" to me.

+ the day after, i celebrated by flying to


and visiting a friend i didn't see at all while i was 24.

it felt like i turned twenty five over and over again. and each time, i was genuinely excited about it.

twenty five. i think i like you.

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