in the past couple weeks, i have:

+ worn new rings.

+ taken (multiple) selfies in photo booth at work.

+ gotten a pair of mickey mouse ears from my bosses who went to disneyland.


+ drank coffee with a friend at the most hipster of all hipster coffee shops (barista parlor).

+ spent almost an entire day out and about in east nashville.

+ finally finished reading bird by bird.

+ re-read some of what i wrote in my old journals.

+ stopped re-reading what i wrote in my old journals before making it a quarter of the way through that pile because, like, .001% of it is actually worth reading.

+ ate a lot of mega stuf oreos with peanut butter and nutella because, why not.

+ learned how to successfully eat with chopsticks.

+ confirmed that i am still not a big fan of sushi.

+ watched dan mangan play music.

+ experienced my roommates being fans at a live show for the first time since i've lived with them.

+ discovered and became mildly obsessed with the song "agape" by bear's den.

+ listened to ellie play a sold out show, from the very back of the room, behind the merch table.

+ helped throw a party for one of our clients that was catered by baja burrito, and therefore experienced a tiny piece of heaven in the form of ALL the chips and queso.

+ celebrated mom and T's birthdays via FaceTime.

+ remembered how talented steve moakler is.

+ started listening to christmas music (before thanksgiving).

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