top 10 things you need to know.

1. i actually just graduated this past may.

2. i went to the university of hartford.

3. i majored in communications.

4. i work for my mom. she has her own business, so i help her out with that.

5. she does bookkeeping/accounting for small businesses.

6. i'm actually just trying to save because i want to move.

7. i want to live in nashville.

8. i want to be a band manager and i want to do it in nashville.

9. i don't have a moving date yet. i'm still just trying to save.

10. if it was up to me, i'd move tomorrow.

after meeting some new friends last week at crew (which is what my youth group calls small groups), i realized that this is typically what my half of the conversation sounds like when i meet new people. it starts with them asking if i'm still in school and ends with them saying something like, "oh, that's really cool" in a tone that suggests they did not expect the conversation to take such a turn. after all, small talk doesn't generally dip into the hopes-and-dreams bucket of deeper conversations.

i also realized that i did not just graduate, even though it feels like it. this past may was eight months ago. EIGHT. and there is another may coming up rather soon that promises to deliver a whole new slew of graduates, which will make my days of saying "i just graduated" over.

although, i do look forward to the day where i can simply say "no, i'm actually working as a [insert some awesome variation of my dream job here]" and keep small talk conversation topics where they belong.

certainly, i will not miss this in-between phase. there just seem to be a lot of questions i don't really want to answer because i don't quite know how without launching into my entire life story. (by the way, that post is the edited and re-edited and edited again 'short' version.)

in the mean time, i think will just refer to this page on my blog whenever someone asks me if i'm still in school. it would be much easier and not awkward at all.