the progression of a spontaneous photo shoot.

when i got home from work last friday, i found my roommate cleaning out her closet. clothes were everywhere. maybe an hour and a half later, i walked by again and noticed most of her piles were gone. "you're making progress! i can see the floor in here."

i sat down on her bed as we talked about things i can't even remember now, until she showed me a couple of dresses she had made for her when she was living in china. they were gorgeous, so i had her try them on so i could see. she did, and i went on about how beautiful they were and how she should wear them.

she pulled out another dress she got in china, one that wasn't made specifically for her. "you try this one on!"

obviously, i felt like this warranted a mirror selfie so i could text T, "look at this dress!" i never ended up sending that text because, well, we just kept going with it.

i had the dress on, but she had taken hers off.

"but wait, now you're not wearing one. put one of them back on."

little did i know, she had another.

and then a couple more, that we both wore, that aren't pictured, that probably won't ever be posted on the internet.

and then these.

fabulous, right?

she pushed her hair up to give it some volume, but when i tried, my hair just fell over top of the head band because it's too short.

and so, we teased it. and added a little makeup. and lipstick.

and a lamp, because, better lighting.

but with nothing to set it down on, it became a prop.

and then i took a turn holding it. which, it turns out, my arm isn't strong enough to hold a lamp over my head for more than like, a minute and a half.

plus it's hard to take non-blurry mirror selfies when you're not looking at the camera.

it just wasn't working out. the lighting, the camera situation. no matter how close we tried to get to the mirror.

(seriously, do you notice how we get closer and closer each time?)

so, we went to the other room with better lighting, propped up our phones and used a timer app.

because, why not have a spontaneous photo shoot on a friday night?

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