charlotte | for labor day.

on days when i make this drive in the morning, i am up and a couple hours into the drive before the sun comes up. i am not a morning person by any stretch, but when it means arriving before lunch, i'm all about it.

this weekend, T's bff amy was visiting and it's always fun to hang out and have thoughtful late-night conversations about ...anything with her. she is also six months pregnant, so there was lots of belly holding and feeling AND SEEING her baby move. such a neat thing.

other activities included: walking around model homes and dreaming with T and my mom while also picking out which rooms we'd like to stay in as guests, drinking double chocolatey chip fraps, watching that t-swift video with luca while he danced, going to church and taking photos and videos of everything so we could show our husbands when we got home (jk, that was just amy), swimming, post-breakfast dance parties, letting luca stand on his own and cheering him on as he took a few steps on his own, eating peanut butter world ice cream, watching

19 kids and counting

and finding their lifestyle (and love of side-hugs) fascinating, shopping for strollers, going on walks, swinging, and driving up that hill T runs up at the end of her run and seeing how long it is – "we're still on the hills, you guys. it's still going."