the point of a surprise party is for everyone to know but you.

this year, it felt like everyone knew everything about my birthday before i did. there were so many surprises and more often than not, i'd have conversations with my family or friends about things they already knew, and had to pretend like they didn't know, because of something else that was happening that i couldn't know about yet.

my people sure do know how to make a girl feel loved.


every week, molls and i hang out and watch gilmore girls. (she's watching the series through for the first time. this detail is irrelevant but i fee like it's important to mention.) this week, she casually suggested we watch it on friday and "wanna come over at like 7?" and i should bring my scarf, because we'll be moon watching. (this is actually a real thing we have done that has also made me feel like i need a telescope in my life.)

it turns out, we weren't watching gilmore girls but having a party instead, with all my favorite snacks, the fixings to make the most delicious s'mores, and some of the best people.

so surprised i can't even keep my eyes open.

s'mores brownies.

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