october, in photos.

photos of things that happened this month, posted here for the sake of documenting.

coffee shop hangs.


skype dates with J and abs.

my roommate did a "bridal brunch" photo shoot, and for the sake of making it look realistic, she had friends (me) tag along as the bridal party. basically i woke up at 5:30am to wear a dress and drink champagne and eat pastries.


tab and i sold merch for judah & the lion, aka got into their sold out show for free.

judah & the lion.

ben rector.

i learned how to put air in my tires this month. thankfully, i had tab there to teach me how and also document the experience.

tab's friend had a bonfire and i had my first s'more of the season.

tab made me that s'more i'm holding because she's patient and waits until the marshmallow is thoroughly warmed before setting it on fire.

my nephew is the coolest person i know. also, T sent these to me with her iphone 6s, which means he's actually moving in them. technology is the neatest, freakiest thing.

more bonfires. more s'mores.


one of my small group leaders had a baby and she brought him, at four weeks old, and we became best friends.

more babysitting.

jenny & tyler.

josh garrels.

my friend erin, at the brunch she hosted before she left for cambodia.

we have church at this place called rocketown, which is a skate park and christian-owned venue. this was hanging on the wall in the toddler room.

we only had three kids, so we all colored pictures and here's mine. i think that kid from

heaven is for real

 would agree this is what jesus actually looks like.

molls studied abroad and then had her photos hung in the gallery at belmont. (proud mom photo.)

wave & rome.

spontaneous connect group pumpkin carving. i did not participate in the pumpkin carving, but i did participate in the baby holding.

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