listen to this : the civil wars + young summer.

the civil wars have new music! they announced this weeks ago, but they released their first single ("the one that got away") off their new self-titled album this week, along with the itunes preorder launch. (when you preorder the album, you get the single for free.) i knew they were hoarding new music months ago, and i've heard the single through the thin wall between our offices, but that doesn't stop me from being excited to finally have it in my own library.

now the next obvious question is, will they take this record on the road? even with the thin walls, i still don't have any inside scoop on their "internal discord and irreconcilable differences in ambition."

young summer is a girl i found a few weeks ago through twitter. i follow some pretty great people who sometimes throw out music suggestions, and i'm all about that. her new ep (fever dream) is co-produced by trent dabbs, so it's an obvious win. but seriously, i'm trying not to listen to it too much, otherwise the interns will start questioning why i only listen to the same seven songs over and over. it's just that good, okay? (or, i'm just that obsessed with it.)

on tuesday, i saw her play a few songs at the 'all about the music' event, and she is as good live as she is recorded. (also, she has really great hair.)