playing tourist.

meet erica. she's a friend of mine from high school. high school. you know, that time in my life that happened six to ten years ago. her parents moved to maine after we graduated though, so she didn't come "home" (to ct) for college breaks, which means the only real time we've spent together since then consisted of quick breakfast dates or late-night sleepovers as she passed through town.

it feels unreal that so much time has passed since those days of sitting together in latin class, passing notes and making trouble. we've lived so much life since then, and now we talk about our lives and our jobs and exchange remember when stories that happened as many as ten years ago. how is it that we were in high school a decade ago? i can't get over it. we are not that old.

she brought me some of those delicious peanut butter balls that she and her mom make around christmastime (but made this time especially because they know i am in love with them), and i thanked her by showing her around to all the places she sees on tv, plus a few others. it was fun to play tourist with her, especially because she's a real let's-go-downtown-and-just-take-pictures-of-the-buildings kind of tourist. and that was nice, because my city is gorgeous and, tourist or not, sometimes you just need to get out and walk around and look at it.

the bonus is being able to catch up with an old friend at the same time.