music monday: steve moakler / 08.18.2012

There is Steve Moakler. There, on the left.

This is the best picture I got. It's the only picture I got. It will have to do.

Here's what happened: I was scrolling through my News Feed and found this poster for an event going on in Nashville, where Steve Moakler would be playing a set. Now, it may be helpful for you to know, in order to understand my excitement level, that I recently looked at Steve Moakler's tour dates (because he is going on tour again, finally) and noticed that, on this tour, he will be playing a show in Boston but he will not be playing a show in Nashville. I'm not sure how that makes any sense, but I'm absolutely sure that it's totally unfair, given the fact that I JUST moved away and now he decides to tour the New England area? (Granted, he is the supporting act on this tour, but still.) How is that even fair?

It's really not, but the exciting part here is that I found this event that's going on IN NASHVILLE and he's playing and since I live here now, I could go. So I did. And it was glorious.

It may also be helpful for you to know that I have not been to a show since I've been here. Partly because it's only been a month and I needed some time to adjust. Partly because I haven't heard of any shows I wanted to go to. And partly because I am new here and have zero concert buddies at this point. But I went, by myself, to my very first Nashville thing. I'm not really sure you can call it a show, because it was really more like a fundraiser/benefit type thing. But there was music, Steve Moakler music, so I will be including it in my "concerts" category.

Anyway, his studio recorded versions of his songs are so good, but hearing them performed live just takes it to a whole other level. I could listen to him play all night. Seriously. I wish he'd play a headlining show in Nashville so I could do just that.

After he finished his set, I went over to say hi and we had a nice conversation about the last time I saw him (which he doesn't even remember – way to go, CT) and why I moved and when he'll be playing in Nashville again. We attempted to take a picture, but my camera wouldn't cooperate, so I said never mind and that I was just glad I got to see him play. He said he was glad too and I started to walk away, but then he said, "And hey, welcome to Nashville!" I said thanks and smiled because, to me, that still sounds like "welcome home."