music monday: bryce merritt.

Bryce Merritt. He's wearing a bow tie.

After work on Friday night, I went to this sweet place called 3rd & Lindsley to see Andy Davis play. 3rd & Lindsley is one of those Nashville places I've heard about countless times on Twitter, but I've never actually been able to go to a show there. Until now. Because I live here. And all I could think about was those times I'd hear about a Nashville show at a place like this and wish I could be there. It was such a neat thing to actually be there this time. (Because, you know, I live here.)

Andy was great, as usual. It's always fun to see someone like him perform live. But I think Bryce Merritt really stole the show. Mainly because he's a Belmont student and about 90% of the crowd was there to support him. (Literally, like half of them left once his set was over.) But also because he has an incredible talent.

One of the guys I'm interning with is Bryce's manager and he was telling me about him and about the show, so I was curious to see what he was like. Honestly, I was blown away. By his sound and by his performance. I thought it was all so good. I figured he would be, but I wasn't expecting to be that impressed.

You can find Bryce on YouTube or on iTunes or just by googling his name. The other thing is that he would want you to know he has a passion for Christ and a passion for music. In that order. And I think that may be the best part.