six things you missed while i wasn't blogging.

ONE || one day, i went running at like one in the afternoon. i woke up about an hour before i went, and the temperature wasn't too high yet, so i figured why not? also, i kept using the temperature as an excuse but then i heard about how hot and humid it was in brazil at the world cup and i just felt like that reason was no longer valid. (forget the people i see running on the streets in the afternoon.) but, i'm not an athlete, or really a "runner" in any sense, and by the time i actually got outside and into my run, the temperature had risen. so it turned into more of a walk, during which i thought i might actually and literally die.

TWO || i watched (most of) pride & prejudice one day with my roommate and her friend. i could probably watch that movie every day for the rest of my life and be okay with it.

THREE || this one is what you're missing while T isn't blogging. but, i just had to post it. i want to hop in my car and drive over (seven hours) just so i can hang out with him.

FOUR || the fourth of july happened. for probably the first time in ...forever i sported some red white and blue in the form of red nail polish + a blue skirt + pale white legs. and then i spent the day trying to be less patriotic and get some color on my legs. america!

FIVE || tab and i decided to leave the pool in favor of eating one of these ultimate cheese and bacon cheesy bread hot dogs from sonic and it was maybe the greatest decision we have ever made. (also i'm just now realizing how not in focus this photo is, but i was really too excited about eating it to get a better-quality photo. you understand.)

SIX || the dawson's creek re-watch.

(like i said. it's been a quiet few weeks.)