LET'S ALL BE BRAVE : annie f. downs.

basically what happened is that i kept seeing posts about this book, which released today, and i decided i wanted to read it, because i like annie and i like her writing and this book felt relevant. plus, just look at that cover.

and then i came home from work on thursday and found a copy sitting on my coffee table. like it was literally just handed to me. read this.

the other thing you need to know is that i forgot my computer charger at work that day. so i decided to take advantage of no-screen time by reading this book. ...in its entirety.

i wasn't on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next, but i kept turning the pages because i couldn't get enough of it. her stories were encouraging and inspiring and reminded me that i am brave. we all are, and it's contagious.

favorite chapters: just start, nashville, say yes, say no, the why, the rhythm.