when september ends.


hello from mid-october. here is where i usually write a little bit about the month, but the end of september just so casually slid right into october and here we are (except i backdated this post for the sake of continuity and future reference).

this is what my whole life feels like. each day slides into the next and i am forever playing catch-up. i feel kind of panicky about it, to be honest. i have a list of things i want to do and write and read and there never seems to be enough time. i am always falling short. it seems silly, because the pressure i feel is all put on myself. but even when it's a personal goal or expectation, it's uncomfortable to realize my limits and it takes extra effort to push back against what shame tells me i should be.

every day, i offer myself a little bit more grace. it's okay. i am enough. i have enough.

i'm trying to remember to just show up. to offer what i have. to just start. it's enough, for now.

september happenings

i moved out of my house.
i moved in to an apartment.

the belonging cø released their first worship album, cover the earth.

i started one new job.
i started another new job.
i'm working on a third. (what.)

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