paper route : 07.13.2013

what usually happens is this. i find a show i want to go to and i make a mental note to request the night off from work, i forget to request the night off from work and i get scheduled, i realize it's a later show and i could probably swing both if i wanted to, sometimes i actually do and sometimes i actually don't (because going to a show after working all day is exhausting). because of this, i can't remember the last time i had a friday night off. especially one that involved me staying in nashville. but last friday i took the plunge and actually got the night off. granted, i still forgot and was put on the schedule, but my manager is great like that, so he gave it to me anyway.

having the night off felt like such a treat, let me tell you. getting off work at my day job and having the afternoon to myself? glorious. i went grocery shopping! i posted a blog! i made some phone calls! it felt like a real friday, and it ended with an awesome show and awesome friends.

coin opened first, then halfnoise. i was interested to see coin's set because they're a belmont band (although i heard they've all dropped out?) and i've heard a lot about them. i was not as interested to see halfnoise because they opened for paper route the time i saw them in boston and i remember not being such a fan. (but i also remember not paying much attention during their set?) but both opening sets on friday were great and fun to watch.

paper route was amazing, of course. so much fun, and so much energy. although i'm pretty sure the kid in front of me had a little too much energy because the way he was attempting to dance in such a small space made me think he'd fit in much better at a ska show. but besides that, it was a great set. JT played that little drum set on stilts, and during the encore he jumped off the stage and pushed his way through the crowd and ended up right where i was standing. so there was that.

after, i decided to go out with some friends who were at the show because, why not? i didn't have to work the next morning, and i wasn't tired.

gosh, who knew friday nights could be so much fun?