july + things.

june is one of those months that feels like four days long and then it's over, unlike march which feels like it goes on for an eternity. except not, because somehow it's july. JULY. which means half the year is over. which means it's been almost exactly one year since i moved away. which means BABY G, YOU GUYS.

that's obviously the most important. i get to meet my nephew this month. and now that it's taken me ages to post this, july is almost half over and i'll get to meet my nephew any day now. technically, he's due on july 16, but he could be early, you know? i wouldn't mind that because i am hugely lacking patience.

i just want to meet you, baby.

anyway, here are some other things.

1. i finally updated that photo on the side of my page. (yay selfies!) (ironic how "selfies" autocorrects to "selfless.") this was long overdue because a) i don't have red hair anymore, b) that photo was in black & white so you couldn't tell it was actually red, c) it was going on three years old.

2. T and i make moustache faces when we skype sometimes.

3. joy williams (of the civil wars) did

an interview with the associated press

about the new album and while that isn't in any way relevant to me personally, i am sort of fascinated by the whole thing and may have tried to over analyze the details with more than one person.

also, they released another single from the album called "

from this valley

," which is like another clue being released, according to joy's quote from the interview. "if you want to know what happened to the band, listen to the album." which doesn't come out for another month.

4. i've been working out with my roommate which has been awesome but also i'm pretty sure my body is confused and hates me and is letting me know in not a nice way. so there's that.

5. they changed our "uniform" at the restaurant and now hostesses have to wear all black. (before we could basically wear whatever we wanted that looked nice and not like we just came in from playing golf.) (not kidding, that was part of the description they gave me when i started because i guess a previous hostess used to dress like that?) i'm kind of excited about this because black is easy, and also my favorite. somehow i always end up with all black articles of clothing when i'm shopping, and i have to consciously add color to my closet. but now i have the perfect excuse, not to mention that having a dress code will cut back the time it takes me to decide what to wear every day. because, black.

except i'm pretty sure this all black thing won't last very long and i'll go back to spending half my mornings staring at my closet.

6. i created a playlist for T to have when she's in labor, and i'm pretty sure it was the hardest thing i've ever done because how am i supposed to know what a person wants to listen to during a time like that? but i got it done because, have i mentioned? T could go into labor any second now. she really could.

so excuse me while i just go sit by my phone and wait for it to ring with the news that baby g has decided to make his grand entrance.