over the weekend. or, just friday.

this particular friday was national doughnut day. and while i am not usually into all the things that have their own "national" days, i am in full support of this one and even participated by eating a doughnut, and taking a picture of it.

you're welcome.

disclaimer: this doughnut was actually left over from the day before when a coworker brought a box into work. i know i could've gone to get a fresh one for free, but i really believe in letting no doughnut go to waste.

but also i didn't even know what day it was until after i ate this one.

moving on.

the thing you need to know about fridays in the summertime is that we have half days at work because it's summer. (not kidding.) (also not complaining.) we call them "summer fridays."

and on this particular summer friday, i went on adventures with my roommate.

first, we went to go hang out with this parrot she's hoping to use in a photo shoot at some point, and apparently it's skittish around strangers so we went so they could like, get to know each other. which is so random and hilarious and awesome, so obviously i tagged along.

except, i didn't really think this plan through and suddenly i was sitting on the couch next to my roommate, who grew up having pet birds, who was now trying to hand one of the smaller birds off to me like it was no big deal. um? they just sit on your finger? my finger is not a tree branch. wouldn't they prefer to be in nature? how do i know it's not going to poop on me?

needless to say, i don't think i am a bird person.

after that, we went to find the abandoned prison, which is apparently a thing that exists and is still guarded because you're not allowed to go in for reasons i don't know. i guess there are some health concerns, but people DO go in there so i'm not really sure what the deal is. my roommate wanted to check it out because she saw a photographer post images from a shoot he did in there, and it does look pretty neat.

unfortunately, we didn't get very far.

next, i suggested we go to the abandoned airport, because while it's less exciting, it's still an "abandoned" thing we could explore. so we made our way from west nashville to east nashville, and when she realized where we were, she said, "oh, i know where we are. let's eat some tacos!" because, east nashville = mas tacos. por favor.


we didn't really do much exploring at the airport, because it was hot and i don't like being outside. (or at least those were the reasons i was okay with not exploring any further.) but we did snap a few photos and videos of us pretending to be airplanes in the middle of these patches of tall grass so i think we still accomplished something.

later, we moved all the things out of my room to paint it, which is something we've been planning to do for a while. the walls were pretty dark, with an accent wall of an even darker shade, and considering the minimal natural light from the one window in the corner, plus the painted ceiling, it looked pretty cave-like in there. so we painted it white.

unfortunately, i took no "before" photos, but you can just imagine what it looked like by closing your eyes, and that's how dark it felt in there.

in the photo on the left, you can see how dark the ceiling was - the walls were darker.

the white is SO much brighter and i can't tell you how much better it makes me feel to now live in a space that feels happier.

(also, i feel like it's important to mention that it couldn't have happened at a more perfect time, considering i had just found a spider in my bed that afternoon. paint or no paint, i would've cleared out and cleaned that room, top to bottom.)

after we finished painting for the night, my roommates made popcorn and we all watched a movie,. i didn't go to bed until 2am-ish, which is the latest i've gone to bed in a very long time. to my roommates, who don't work regular hours, it was nothing out of the ordinary. for me, well, my roommate kept telling me, "it's the weekend! you can do whatever you want!"

and so i did.