cummins falls.

my friend tab, who is a barista, had a rare saturday off and wanted to make the most of it by doing something fun, which did not include going to the park for musician's corner like i had originally suggested. it turns out, this type of outdoor activity is not what everyone else would consider to be an adventurous saturday activity.

(and people wonder what i mean when i say i'm an inside person.)

however, i did eventually suggest going to cummins falls, which is about an hour and a half away, and somewhere i've heard (and seen) a lot about but have never actually been. tab was thrilled with this suggestion, and later admitted she was pleasantly surprised that i even suggested it. (because she is not one of those people who questions my indoor preferences.) she hadn't been either, so it was definitely a fun little saturday adventure.

the drive felt like a breeze, considering i drive the 1.5 hours + another 5 every time i go to charlotte. the hike down to get to the falls was also fun. since i'd never been before, i was pretty fascinated by it all. if i were to go again, i probably wouldn't enjoy the "getting there" as much, but this time, i kept stopping to look at the water and the green and the rocks. i may be an inside person, but i can appreciate the beauty of nature. i would prefer to admire it through a window, but you know, sometimes that's just not an option.

there's something about tennessee, though. it makes me feel like i could maybe be an outside person.