i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers.


it was all a blur, honestly. that's been the theme here, in my little monthly recaps. the first half of the year was so slow moving. it always feels that way, but for me personally, it felt like six months of "not yet."

i once heard my dad say the second half of the gas tank goes faster. i don't remember what conversation we were having that prompted him to say this, but it has stuck with me for the way i cannot wrap my head around the truth of it. why does it happen that way?

the same is true of the calendar year, and i am just as baffled by it.

birthday month.

i turned 28, and am declaring all things golden for this year, not just the birthday.

andrew belle printed my handwriting on a t-shirt again. this time, in blue.

i spent all my free time working on side projects and laughing out loud when i suddenly realized, months in, that my season of waiting is over and my discomfort about life was entirely because my introverted homebody self does not love the life of hustle.

my "books of 2017" list still currently rests at 24, where it has sat for three months.

i visited 19 different cities in 12 different states (if i counted correctly) because i'm on tour again! more on that later.


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