in early november, pastor steven delivered a message called "there's a catch," in which he talked about what happened when jesus got into peter's boat in luke 5. creative collaboration, he called it, because the creator was partnering with his creation –– a thing he didn't need to do. he didn't need the boat (because, who needs a boat when you can walk on water?), but he wanted the boat. he chose the boat. i'm tempted to recap the entire sermon for all the little points, but this is what stuck with me.

in the month of thanksgiving, i felt the most thankful for this life i get to live. for jesus getting in my boat, for choosing me, and for the things i get to see and experience because i said "yes" when he asked if i would go.

november happenings.

i opened a print shop.
i saw andrew belle, and got to thank him in person for choosing my handwriting.
i watched miracle on 34th street (1947) at the franklin theatre.
i visited 16 different cities in only 6 different states (because the people of ohio love ccm).


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