LUCA LOVE | one.

dear luca,

i remember the moment i first found out you existed. it was about three seconds after everyone else found out, because my mind wasn't following along that fast. someday you'll watch the video, and you'll probably laugh at our reactions and look on our faces. i was sitting on the couch and my jaw dropped. "are you serious?" it felt like shock, like i was having trouble comprehending it. but looking back, i think the shocking part was how suddenly and incredibly i loved you, right in that instant.

my love for you has only grown since that day. it happened when i first heard your heart beat and when i'd feel you give me a high five from the inside and, of course, when i finally got to meet you in person, and tell you how much i love you to your face.

it blows me away to think about how much i was missing out on before you. seeing you and interacting with you, hearing your sweet voice and your contagious laughter, even just thinking about you brings me so much joy. there aren't words to explain it.

i love that i get to know you and be part of your life. i love your little personality and watching you grow. i love who you are and i look forward to seeing who you will become.

happy first birthday, luca.

i love you.

love always, auntie.