high five for friday.

the start of this week was ...rough. to put it mildly. i cried a lot, to put it dramatically (and honestly). but i feel like i need to high five about some good things. because there ARE good things, even though sometimes they're hidden.

ONE || on sunday, i hung out with my friend tab and we ate paletas. high five.

TWO || on monday, my car broke a little (and i cried a little) and after my roommates came to my rescue, we passed this car that is


my car. hello, perspective. let's high five.

THREE || on tuesday, 

let's all be brave

 released, and while i don't actually know annie, i feel like i do. so i spent all of tuesday being psyched for her. high five for annie.

FOUR || on wednesday, i wore these pants, which i have slowly worn a heart-shaped hole into. high five for love.

FIVE || on thursday, i drove to charlotte for what will be the most incredible luca weekend yet. this wasn't a text from thursday, but it always makes my day when i get these. HIGH FIVE.