so let's talk about the grammys.

if i was really on top of my game, i would've drafted this as i was watching the grammys and had it queued to post yesterday. but, you know, i'm not. actually having something to post every single day is still quite a feat for me.

so i put on e! a couple hours beforehand, looking for some red carpet coverage with the fabulous ryan seacrest, but all i found was extended commentary on the life and death of whitney houston. which, don't get me wrong, was totally relevant, but there's only so many ways you can say how great she was and what an impact she made and how sad it is that she's gone before it all starts sounding redundant. plus, i was looking for the pretty dresses and the interviews with the "who are you wearing?" q&a's.

i ended up googling "grammys red carpet" and was not disappointed to find that red carpet coverage was streaming live online. and not only that, but you had three different options of what you could watch online: the interviews, the awards (because most of them are given out before the actual show starts), and the regular red carpet deal where you simply see all the pretty people walking by and posing for the paparazzi. and each of them had a live feed going at the bottom of the page, so you could be watching the interview portion while also keeping an eye on who was winning in case you wanted to switch over and catch their thank-you speech.

pre-show thoughts:

1. still confused as to why ryan was not on the red carpet. (although, maybe he was eventually and i just gave up too soon.)

2. dave barnes on the red carpet? so much love for him.

3. as much as i love t-swift, dave TOTALLY should've taken home the grammy for 'best country song.'

4. the civil wars! TWO grammys! best folk album & best country duo. well deserved. here's their post-win interview.

i only watched a limited amount of pre-show. there are just so many people, and so many people who i don't even know, and i felt like it was dragging a little bit after i found out that dave didn't win. but you can bet i was glued to the tv once 8 o'clock rolled around.

thoughts on the actual grammys:

1. ll cool j? i wasn't aware that he was the award-show-host type, but i was pleasantly surprised with his hosting abilities. #firstimpression

2. he literally paused to pray for whitney houston and her surviving family. #amen

3. no, i will not include a hashtag with each point i make. although that might be kinda fun now that i think about it.

4. i'm no fan of bruno mars, but he put on a pretty stellar performance.

5. LOVE kelly clarkson. loved her dress, too. (although i kept that opinion to myself after my parents both made comments about how low it was and how "she could easily have a wardrobe malfunction in that dress.")

6. did jason aldean's microphone cut out at the end there, or was that just me? #oops!

7. @andylevy had this to say about chris brown: "#grammys: sad about drug abuse, couldn't care less about physical abuse." #AGREED

8. part of the grammy fun was being on twitter and reading people's reactions. (@jonacuff was cracking me up the whole time.)

9. i could've done without the rihanna portion of the rihanna/coldplay performance.

10. "we'd like to thank all of our opening acts tonight." - john paul white of the civil wars. so perfect! i love them. why did they not get a whole 3-minute time slot for a full song? theirs was one of the best and it was only half of a performance. (click here to watch!)

11. t-swift performed "mean" and changed the lyrics in the last chorus from "someday, i'll be living in a big ol' city" to "someday, i'll be singing this at the grammys." #genius #LOVEher

12. neil patrick harris presenting 'song of the year'? i literally squealed when he walked out on stage and sat straight up in my seat. it's really too bad that he's gay.

13. do i need to mention that adele won 'song of the year' for "rolling in the deep"? she basically dominated the evening. no shock there.

14. yes, there were, in fact, some awards presented in between the mini concerts.

15. 'best country album' went to own the night by lady a, which is a great album, don't get me wrong, but i think t-swift deserved this one, based on the fact that she wrote every song by herself and it is truly an amazing album.

16. adele's performance? i have no words for this. perfect. amazing. beautiful. all of the above.

17. 'best new artist' went to bon iver. #YES

18. also, he had the best, most awkward thank-you speech of the night. i should try to find it on youtube and post it.

19. jennifer hudson's whitney houston tribute? #goosebumps.

20. okay, nikki minaj? i don't even want to mention this performance because it was so awful. how did she get a longer time slot than the civil wars? seriously? #makeitstop

and those are all the notes i had jotted down in my notebook. yes, i took notes. (i'm a writer, do you expect anything else?) (and it was a 3.5 hour-long program. how do you expect me to remember it all without writing something down?)

i realize i did miss quite a bit, like the beach boys reunion – which was probably directly related to the fact that i was too busy drooling over adam levine and his hottness to write anything down, but you know what? whatever. you can't win them all.

unless you're adele. then you do win them all.