june reads.

the goal is to read two books every month (and i've done that – for the most part), but for the past few months, i've had three books lined up. i think to myself, oh i think this month will be a three-book month. and then the month goes on and i only get two of them read. but at least i have the two. and this month, i'm even posting about them before next month. #win.

the anxious Christian, by rhett smith

i'll be honest, i wasn't such a fan of this book. i've been wondering what to say about it ever since i finished it because it's rare that i dislike something and then have to talk about it on the internet. or, you know, to the four people who read this blog.

it is what the title (and subtitle) says it's about. the anxious Christian: can God use your anxiety for good? but i guess i was just expecting something different than what i got. it may be one of those things that i come back to later and realize it's actually brilliant, but i just couldn't see it the first time. i think that happens. you grow up and into a different person than you were before, so you view things differently. maybe that's it.

plan b, by pete wilson

truthfully, i am not totally finished with this one yet, but it's only the 28th and i only have a few chapters left. but it's safe to say that i LOVE this book and want to purchase a copy of it for everyone i know. i was a little hesitant at first because i wasn't sure it was exactly relevant for me. plus, pete has a new book out called empty promises and i thought maybe i should read that instead because it's newer and everyone keeps talking about it (and how good it is). but i've had my eye on this one and i stuck with it.

i'm so glad i did because it's entirely relevant. and i think that it would be for anyone who, you know, has a life. because it talks about what happens when things don't go the way you thought they would, or how you planned them to go. and that's life. it happens all the time, to everyone. and this book brings you a little piece of hope when there are situations in life that make you feel hopeless.

don't be surprised if a few months from now, you see that one of my monthly reads is empty promises. this guy is good, and i'm excited to hear what else he has to say.