twenty twelve is officially half over. let's just take a minute (or four) to comprehend that.

finished? yeah, me neither. time goes by so much faster the older you get. i am not a fan. but that's one of the reasons i keep these lists. so i can remember my months.

here's june:

1. i got an iphone. (although it took me a while to post about it, this is probably the highlight of my month. i am in LOVE.)

2. i created new music tags: music monday and in your itunes. i'm just trying them out to see how i like them.

3. i wrote about what i like to see on a blog and why i like the blogs i like, in two parts. but the list is constantly changing, so don't quote me on those.

4. i started re-watching one tree hill. the more i watch, the more i realize how much i don't remember what happens. it's like i'm watching it for the first time again. which is awesome, except for the fact that i don't have all day every day to just watch tv.

5. i saw paper route!

6. i have made significant progress in my nashville moving plans. (!!) but more on that later.

7. lesser known sarah fact: i'm a soccer fan. more specifically, i'm a fan of spain's soccer team. which means i'm having a great week knowing they'll be playing in the finals on sunday. #lafuriaroja

8. i worked out this many times. (since i got my iphone, i now have access to all the neat apps without my phone yelling at me for taking up too much storage space. that said, i'm on the couch to 5k plan and i'm feeling pretty good about it.)

9. i read my two books this month. (and wrote about them within the same month. #success!)

10. this month was not as awesome. or maybe just this list describing it wasn't. (i finished the notebook i used for most of the month and then packed it away for the move, so i can't actually remember what happened this month, other than what i blogged about.) next month is going to be AWESOME though. i will be sure to document it well.