july, in photos.

molls and i made the best cookies we've ever made, using my mom's not-so-secret secret recipe.

then we watched only the episodes of gilmore girls that jess is in. and in case you wanted to do the same, here is the list.

(i could discuss rory's boyfriends––and why jess is the best one––at length.)

i started my job. (more on that here.)

big magic.

found this on molly's desk one day.

i bought my first piece of art!

nothing has made me feel more like an adult than this purchase.

(it's by lindsey isbell, who i found on instagram, and then met at a market, where i bought this piece.)

tab bought a new car from the CAR VENDING MACHINE. because, that's a real thing that exists.

life motto. ^

five daughters doughnut date with tab.

stopped at a random cracker barrel on the way to charlotte to buy a copy of hard love, with the bonus tracks. because, apparently none of the stores in nashville got shipments of it?

and that was the first time since 1989 came out that i switched the cd in my car. because, haters gonna hate, but i'm just gonna shake. and have dance parties in the car. because t-swift knows how to make dance party music. (just ask luca.)

aaand now i have a barista on the east side, too.