jack christopher / two.


dear jack,

this is you, at two.

my favorite thing about you is how much you know what you want and your determination to get it. you have always been strong and independent, doing things at your own pace and never at anyone else’s suggestion; you like having your own ideas. (you also like luca’s ideas and are always on board to also be doing what he’s doing.) at two, i am less challenged by this determination and more in awe of how smart you are, how creatively you problem solve, and how you communicate. your vocabulary grows by the day, but like anything else, not having the words doesn’t stop you from communicating what you want – or your displeasure with what’s happening.

life with you is an adventure. it’s such a thrill to know you, to love you, to play with you, to watch you grow, to learn from you. thanks for always inviting me along.

happy birthday, jack.
i love you more than you love blippi.

love always, “EEE” auntie sarah.