dear jack,

before you were born, i was thrilled to meet you and also curious about what it would be like. i've always been good at math, but i couldn't quite calculate how two nephews would add up.

and then i met you, and it felt immediate and obvious. but i couldn't have known, before i met you. so much of it feels that way. i couldn't have known, before you, how much value you would add, how much joy you would bring, how much room there is for more. more love, more peace, more laughter, more challenge, more growth.

you keep me on my toes. you keep me moving forward. i'm so thankful for you, and still curious. i'm excited to see where you go next. i'm excited to go with you.

happy first birthday, jack.
i love you more than you love taking selfies.

love always, auntie sarah.

p.s. i guess someone should've told you the hospital isn't where you have to celebrate your birthday each year. let's pick a new spot next year, k?