high five for friday.

or, you know, just the five. because i'm still alive! barely, but apparently enough to rhyme, so that's worth something? i thought i'd let you know what's been going on around here during the days i'm not traveling around on weekend road trips or being a tourist in my own city. also because i hate packing. (i'm supposed to be packing as i type this.)

ONE || i've started reading

a million miles in a thousand years

again. it's pretty much my go-to book when i'm feeling bored with my life. which, i know. i shouldn't be bored with my life. my life is awesome. i'm obviously doing something wrong. this book always gets me going again.

TWO || this past weekend i sat out on a coffee shop patio for a couple hours and unintentionally tan-burned one of my arms but not the other. it's not really that noticeable, because i'd have to be standing in a pretty awkward position for you to see the side of both my arms at the same time. but still. first tan lines of the season! (don't worry. i bought sunscreen at target tonight.)

THREE || for maybe the first time since my roommates brought the little kitty home, frigger has acted like his normal sweet and cuddly self. i'm no cat person, but if i HAD to live with one (because i do), i'd pick friggs any day. he mostly minds his own business, but sometimes he just wants to cuddle with your face. it was kind of sad the way he became so antisocial after the new kitty got here. also maybe kind of sad how excited i got when he wanted to cuddle again.

FOUR || this instagram photo of

kaley cuoco

makes me want to chop my hair so bad. still undecided on whether i just love that hair or i love that hair for myself.

FIVE || this week was maybe the busiest of the year. but don't high five me about making it through just yet because it's not over until i'm back in my own bed on sunday.

i took this photo for T because somehow it's turned into a thing where i send her selfies from the creepy bathroom at work? i don't know. but this one was:

day four hair. ain't nobody got time to wash their hair this week.

but other things to note: no nail polish! also, my boss commented that this is the brightest shirt she's ever seen me wear. because, black is my favorite color to wear, okay. i won't deny it.