I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE : being a tourist with H.

sometimes it's supremely beneficial to spend the weekend doing all things touristy with your sister, because she's your sister and because it's her first time in your city, but also because it's your city! you should remember why it's so neat.

we didn't really do ALL touristy things. some were only borderline touristy, but my compulsive need to take photos may have pushed our activities over onto the "definitely touristy" side of the fence. whatever. just because i see that skyline every day doesn't mean i can't take pictures of it. i mean, how can i not? it's a beauty!

and getting to spend time with H, just us, was so much fun. it's super awesome that she chose to come visit me for the weekend instead of visiting charlotte, especially since she won't be seeing luca again until july.

our activities included: eating at burger up, shopping in downtown franklin, eating at the loveless cafe, facetiming with T and luca (because he claps now!), visiting the johnny cash museum, walking up and down broadway, getting drinks at holland house, experiencing santa's, shopping in hillsboro village, seeing the parthenon in centennial park, hanging out at musician's corner, going to church, walking around and taking photos at bicentennial mall park, visiting the country music hall of fame.

view the full post for photos because i posted them ALL.

// we found these mini nutella cups and i almost peed my pants in the aisle at target because, who is only eating that lick of nutella?

// instead of buying all the things, we took photos of them. less expensive that way. less satisfying. but, less expensive.

// okay i did not eat those biscuits for lunch but I TOTALLY COULD HAVE. they are the most delicious.

// on the left: did you know johnny cash was an artist too?

on the right: folsom prison, y'all.

// we tried SO HARD to get a photo of us + "nashville" and apparently turning into bobble heads was the only way to accomplish that.

i laughed SO HARD i cried. real, actual tears.