family reunion | 2012.

Marcia, Jimmy, Cheryl, David, Gail, Lori (my mom), Terri

This past weekend, I went to Lake George, NY for a family gathering/picnic/reunion at Aunt Marcia's house. I used to go up there all the time when I was little, but I don't think I've been there since I was a sophomore (?) in high school. Crazy! It was awesome to go again and see everything. And, of course, the nostalgia was insane.

It was just me and my parents (because the rest of my siblings had their own things going on) and we stayed in this cute hotel by the lake. And by cute, I mean it was somewhat of an adventure because it was nothing like your typical Holiday Inn Express, which is what we are used to staying in. We had fun with it though. I took a lot of pictures.

The family thing was great, too. I haven't seen some of those people in years. Obviously, not everyone could make it, but all six of my mom's siblings were there, which is the picture above. You'll have to excuse Uncle David. He must be in the middle of saying something, but it was the best shot I got. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of these seven people? One of them always has their eyes closed, mouth open, head turned, something.

Later, we took pictures of them standing in age order, but none of those came out. They were all were too ADD to focus on the picture. So I'll just let you guess which order they go in. I will say that my mom is the youngest and there are twenty years in between her and her oldest sibling. Insane!

There was lots of eating and catching up and game playing and more eating going on throughout the day. It was fun to see everyone and quite entertaining to watch them all play the games. (I didn't play any because I didn't want to, but it worked out better because, like I said, it was such great entertainment.) I think there was more time spent explaining the rules (again, with the ADD) and (playfully) arguing over cheating than there was actually playing the games. But it was fun and not as drama-filled as I thought it might be.

I'm especially thankful that I got to spent time with these people and visit such a neat place before I move away.