FAIRy tales.

on saturday, i met up with my friend tab and her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend and we all went to the state fair together. i actually just did some googling, because i'm not entirely sure what all qualifies it to be a "state" fair (or even a fair at all), but there were lights and it smelled like fried dough and a ferris wheel. i was mostly excited about the ferris wheel. they're so dreamy, aren't they? also, that scene from the notebook and ryan gosling. you know the one.

it turns out, my friends are ride people, which is interesting because until this day, i didn't realize there were people who attended fairs who weren't food people. maybe because i'm big e-trained, and while there are other things to do, the best part is statehouse hopping to taste all the good food. plus, i'm not 100% sold on the idea of temporary rides when theme parks like six flags exist.

it's times like these that really bring out my new england roots, apparently.

it was a lot of fun though, because i do enjoy fairs of all shapes and sizes. as long as there's good food, good friends, and a ferris wheel.

baby's first corn dog. i always enjoyed telling people i'd never eaten a corn dog before, because their reactions were always the best. first, the jaw drop. then, how have you never eaten a corn dog before? (recently, however, the fact that i haven't ever seen anchorman has elicited this how-have-you-never reaction, so at least i still have that.)

my mom tells me, "we had corn dogs when you were kids." but she says that about a lot of things, like carving pumpkins, and i think i was mostly too little, as the youngest of four, to remember these live changing activities. but, i've made it this long still never having eaten a corn dog (that i can remember) because, while i'm all for trying new things, there are just some things you know you won't love. and after officially eating one, i can say corn dogs fit squarely in that category. why choose a corn dog over all other food options?

also, as the mom of the group, i held tab's purse while she went on rides, so i was doubling up for most of the night.

yeah, okay. that skyline though.