bandit + the ember days | 08.22.2014

the thing about fridays is that they are the source of a unique kind of anxiety. do i go out and find a fun activity to take part in because IT'S FRIDAY or can i stay home and watch netflix again? how many times can you pick netflix over going out before you are considered more of a shut-in than an introvert?

on this particular friday (last friday), my friend was playing a show and i felt, tired or not, it would be a fun-activity, no-netflix friday night. but if we're being really honest (which we are), last week was a particularly long and emotionally exhausting week and all i really wanted to do was sit in my car in the target parking lot and cry about it. forget going out or staying in.

i almost didn't go, because nobody wants to be in public when they are on the verge of an emotional breakdown, but i also (shockingly) didn't really want to stay home and watch netflix either. i was tired of being tired and giving in to watching netflix in bed, with probably a pint of ice cream in hand, felt like giving up.

and so i went, because i will always choose the option that isn't giving up.

my friend angela and her band, bandit, played first.

i remember when 'bandit' first began. we worked together at the restaurant, and angela would talk about her music and her dreams and what would be really cool. she started bandit and set up social media accounts and connected with friends who could take her with them on the road. she played a show in nashville, and asked me probably three different times if i thought it would be weird if she didn't say anything in between the songs in her set because she felt awkward saying anything, but was it awkward to not say anything at all?

this time, she stood in front of me about five minutes before she went on stage and shook her hands and bounced on her heels. "i just need to get this over with," she said. "i always get so pumped before a show, and then right before i always get so nervous."

she played an awesome set, and i felt a little like a proud parent. i love watching her play. she has such a good sound, and that last song she played kept playing over and over again in my head all weekend.

the ember days are a group of people i've heard so much about, but have never actually listened to their music. the thing about nashville is that everyone plays music and everyone has a band, and you don't necessarily google them all. before the show, i'd only heard what is played in their kickstarter video.

their music, and janell's voice, is a little mind blowing. they write christian worship music, but it sounds more like genuine worship than a catchy tune you'd sing along to on sunday morning. it's different and incredible and inspiring.

the whole night felt inspiring. i drove there wondering if being around people would make me feel better or worse, but it turns out, those people are some of the best. they felt like best friends even though i could probably count on one hand the number of times we've hung out. they definitely made me feel better, without even knowing it.

and it was definitely better than staying home and watching netflix.