CRASH THE CHATTERBOX : steven furtick.

this book is all about the voices you hear in your head that threaten to break you apart from the inside out. you know the ones. they tell you you can't and make you doubt everything about yourself. they ask you why you think you're so special and speak life into your greatest fears, supplying you with an endless number of worst case scenarios. they are the inventors of "what if."

it felt like more than just a how–to guide about "hearing god's voice above all others," as the subtitle suggests. it felt like insight into who god is, and the TRUTH we can shout back to the lies.

while reading, i sort of felt like, how has no one really talked about this before? we all have voices that whisper lies into our minds, and this book (along with the incredible messages that went along with them) didn't give attention those voices, but instead showed proof that they're not the truth.