CHARLOTTE : the photo blog.

and here is the post dedicated to all the miscellaneous photos (or, my favorites at least) taken from our easter weekend. you know, the one in which we were ALL TOGETHER. except not all of us made it in the photos because some of us don't understand the significance of taking photos when we're ALL TOGETHER. (shout out to my dad.)

also i wrote out a few stories here and there because i can't help myself.

i set my alarm for an ungodly hour, but when you're waking up and driving to see your people, these are the things you do for them. early flights, early drives, anything to get there sooner. it turns out, no alarm was necessary, seeing how i woke up a full thirty minutes before my alarm was even set to go off. exciting times, you know. sleep when you're dead and all that.

all that to say, i made it in time for lunch. smashburger it is! i had the grilled chicken and avocado in lieu of an actual burger, because the last time i opted to get a burger somewhere other than my favorite spots in nashville, i instantly regretted my decision. (somehow i have turned into one of those people?) besides, avocado is practically my love language. the shakes were nice and thick, but it tasted like artificial chocolate, like they added chocolate syrup to vanilla ice cream.

so there you have it, i am a burger snob and a chocolate shake snob.

after lunch, us girls went out to do a little shopping while the boys stayed home and ...napped? probably? (at this point, "boys" is only lee and luca. J was working and my dad hadn't arrived yet.) but we were mostly window shopping, so there was no real need to have anyone there to carry our bags anyway.

on the left is a thing we found outside home goods. i'm not exactly sure what a person would possibly use that for, considering it is enormous, but it looked like the prime spot for a photo.

on the right is from our stop at target (of course there was a target stop), in which my mom spontaneously decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner. unfortunately, T ditched our cart because of a faulty wheel situation so i was left to carry the new shark rocket on my shoulder (and upside down) like a boom box, while almost knocking over some laundry detergent in the process.

i'm pretty sure the only thing we bought (besides the necessities at target) were things for luca. because, of course. baby needs new sandals! he's smiling here, but that was his distraction tactic as he tried to pull them off. who needs shoes?

needtobreathe! on ellen! i'm not even kidding when i say we planned this into our schedule. i found out about a week before that they'd be playing that friday, so i texted T to let her know, and to get excited all over again that we'd be together for that! we all clapped when the song was finished.

this was not long after our photo booth photo shoot, which lee did not take part in because apparently he doesn't find it as amusing when your face gets distorted into looking like a frog or an alien or a chipmunk the way we do. i mean, we died laughing at ourselves and the way we don't even look like ourselves in some pictures!

i could just eat him UP, i'm telling you. even when he decides to give me a high five to the face. is it just me, or does anyone else find it totally acceptable that sometimes he will just reach out and grab onto your face? that would obviously not be an appropriate thing for grown ups to do, but when babies do it, i feel like that means, i like your face let me just hang on to it for a sec.

on the left, a random shot taken while i was doing the dishes. H was snapping some photos (proof that i do things in the kitchen?) and T walked over, posed, and then said, "wait, don't tell me you were you smiling in that."

on the right, late night blog talk.

on the left, THAT FACE.

on the right, little drummer boy. my parents got him his first "drum set" for easter because he is all about pounding his hands on whatever surface is in front of him. plus, my dad is a drummer so it's only natural. T got some photos and videos of the two of them together, but you'll have to wait until she posts to see those. (hint, hint, T.)

easter brunch prep. my mom is THE BEST at the bacon making (among many, many other things she excels at). but i mean, every piece. i think i ate like half the plate.

i love playgrounds. they put one in down the street in my neighborhood and i'm always wondering if it would be weird if i went just to swing. the "play at your own risk" here made me laugh.

luca's face with the slide cracks me up. it's like he doesn't understand what's happening. is this supposed to be fun? you guys?

but the swings, man. he's a babe after my own heart. all about the swings. the baby swing was broken, but i had no problems holding him in my lap.

...the end.