listen to this | colony house + sugar & the hi-lows.

colony house | when i was younger

this album has been in the works for such a long time and it was SO WELL WORTH THE WAIT. caps-worthy, for sure. these songs are so solid, every single one of them. i have listened to the whole thing through countless times, and i'm always a little sad when it's over. do i want to be that person who listens to an album on repeat? yes, yes i do. because this album calls for it. and apparently i'm not the only one, because when i made a comment to my intern about how i was listening to it again, she said, "yeah, i've been hearing that album played everywhere i go." see?

listen to this: "roll with the punches" + "learning how to love" + "won't give up" (if you remember that accident with will chapman and feel like crying because, the truth in that song)

sugar & the hi-lows | wild desire

remember that time i saw attitude, the nashville ballet featuring sugar & the hi-lows and their johnny cash covers? yes, me too. it was incredible. unfortunately, you cannot buy a dvd of the show to re-watch until your heart is content (believe me, i've asked), BUT sugar & the hi-lows have now released their covers for the world to hear and play over and over and possibly even recreate a homemade version of attitude.