CHARLOTTE | luca's first birthday.

okay, okay. let's talk about luca's birthday. because that was a thing that happened and he's one now.

in some ways i can't believe it has been a whole twelve months since that day i first got to hold him in my arms. and yet, the months have passed and he has grown and changed and learned new things and suddenly has these long legs (?!), so of course he is one whole year old.

he smiles and laughs (genuine laughs and fake laughs) and points to things with his little pointer finger and knows how to balance himself when he wobbles so he doesn't fall over when he's sitting and plays peekaboo and gives kisses. he pulls himself up to stand and grabs your hands to walk and says "dada" when you're trying to teach him "auntie" and reaches for you (or pushes you away) and sings songs to you, so loud and so proud. he hangs onto his toys and waves them around in the air or


drops them at you so you can give them back and make him giggle. because dropping your toys and having someone pick them up for you is the funniest, right?

there's so much movement, so much to investigate. why sit still for photos when you can be crawling (or walking, holding onto someone else) or investigating or playing or waving around that toy in your hand? and, on the other hand, why try (and fail) to capture a non-blurry moment when you can just be enjoying it?

// let's be real. ^ part of me is sad that he whines and pushes me away and the other part of me thinks it's hilarious. because, how could i not.

// i wasn't around for these, ^ but i saw all the photos and the funny faces and the blurry action shots. that one on the right kills me. no idea what's happening there, but i so wish i did.

// it wasn't until i got home that i found these gems. ^

one last story for the road:

we had all walked out to my car as i was leaving, and i was holding luca, as i always do right up until the very last moment. we were all just kind of standing there, silently, because it's only in moments like those that we are forced to face the reality of our grown up lives:

we say goodbye.

then, luca lifted his arm and waved to everyone standing around us, like he was the one leaving. and for that, and many other moments like it, he is absolutely my favorite human on the planet.